-Become a Better, Stronger You-

About me

My name is Amie.  I'm a certified professional life coach and hold a masters in Marriage & Family Therapy.  I have worked with individuals, couples, children with special needs and teens.  My diverse background, along with my professional and personal experiences, make me well-suited to help you uncover underlying issues and overcome the barriers to living your best life!  

As a working professional with extensive knowledge of the corporate world I understand the difficulties and challenges of juggling professional and family responsibilities. Having been through, and experienced, the frustrations (and rewards) of divorce, strained family relationships, raising a teenage son and achieving a healthy work-life balance, I am dedicated to seeing others thrive and overcome their own personal and family challenges.  My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and to become a "better, stronger you". 

You can be a  great parent and still feel burned out. You can be successful at work and also feel like an impostor. Sometimes, you can simply feel overwhelmed by your current life circumstances.   Are you:

  • Tired of feeling stuck?  
  • Bored of having the same arguments?  
  • Struggling with feelings of disappointment, dissatisfaction or resentment?  
  • Wanting a better relationship?  
  • Needing increased time with family?   
  • Seeking a better work/life balance?  

What's the "more" you're seeking in your life?   Contact me today for your free 30 minute call to get you on the path to experiencing a better, stronger you!